Are Vaccines Important for Healthcare Workers?

The mantra of the healthcare sector has always been to cause no harm. In plain language, this means to have the patient’s best interest in mind. Inadequate knowledge about vaccines, however, means the best interest of patients takes a backseat. According to research...

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Educating Parents About Vaccinations

You’ve explained the benefits. You’ve shared facts. You’ve appealed to emotions. But still, you can’t get some parents to vaccinate their children. So now when a parent questions the safety and effectiveness of immunization, you may simply move on. Don’t be that...

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Why is the Anti-vaccine Movement Gaining Momentum?

The problem with humans is that we tend to forget the really important bits of our history. Over the past few decades, scientists and doctors who have helped steer the effort to end certain infectious disease outbreaks have had cause to celebrate the pivotal role that...

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