Ultimate List of 204 Health Conferences

204 Events in Health & Fitness, Parenting, Doctors, Health Insurance, Marijuana, and Health Products

Natural Products Expo WestMarchAnaheim, CA, USAdepends on the business typeMore than ever, people are looking for the benefits of all-natural ingredients. Fortunately, the biggest trade show of natural products is held in Anaheim, California every year. While the event itself isn’t open to everyone (as it is mostly for businesses and business partners), the expo is one of the biggest gatherings for manufacturers, brands, traders, etc. that deal with buying, selling, trading, and transporting natural products. This is a prime opportunity for these companies to form new networks with other like-minded business owners as well as get media mileage.Health & Fitness
Euro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & VaccinationJuneFrankfurt, Germanydepends on business type; ranges from $349 for students to $1,499 for businessesVaccines are one of the biggest and most important medical milestones that modern technology has given society. The Euro Global Summit and Expo aims to promote advancement in this particular field of science and medicine. This event will feature notable keynote speakers, presentations of up-and-coming research, and various workshops to expand and share knowledge about vaccine-related topics. The goal of the event is to have a real impact in the world, improve the quality of vaccine research, and foster collaboration between the top scientists and researchers around the globe. The international community can discuss innovations and new developments in the field of vaccines and immunology.Health & Fitness
International Conference on Vaccine ResearchNovemberGeneva, Switzerlanddepends on business type; ranging from $299 for students to $1499 for exhibitors The International Conference on Vaccine Research will gather notable scientists, researchers, and academics to discuss the dynamic field of vaccines and antibiotic research. The conference aims to provide a platform where experts and scientists can discuss the new technological advancements and breakthroughs in the various subcategories of vaccines and immunology. The conference has multiple sessions or tracks that allow participants to broaden their knowledge of related specialty topics. The conference is open to deans, professors, and other esteemed academics; researchers, scientists, physicians, nurses, immunology therapists, and cancer specialists; and antibiotic and vaccine manufacturers, developers, and program organizers.Health & Fitness
Vaccination, Immunization & Antibiotics ConferenceOctoberVancouver, Canadadepends on business type; ranging from $150 for students to $2700 for exhibitorsThe topics of vaccines, immunizations, and antibiotics are some of the biggest and most important medical talking points in the medical field today. This conference fosters an even greater understanding of improvements in this particular subfield. It is open to doctors, sports medicine experts, researchers, microbiologists, and immune therapists. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are also greatly encouraged to attend as well as hospital directors and pharmaceutical managers that deal with vaccines and antibiotics.Health & Fitness
International Conference on Vaccine and Vaccine ResearchNovemberBerlin, Germanydepends on attendee type; ranging from $349 for students to $2000 for exhibitorsVaccination is a hot topic in medical science, which is why a lot of conferences and seminars are being held all over the globe to talk about this particular topic. It is an ever-changing field with plenty of surrounding controversy and ongoing research. The International Conference on Vaccine and Vaccine Research is open to all individuals who are directly or indirectly affected by scientific advances in vaccines.Health & Fitness
World Vaccines & Immunization CongressNovemberBrisbane, Australiadepends on attendee type; ranging from $199 for students to $1249 for exhibitorsIn order for a particular field of science to grow, researchers and experts not only need to discover new things, but they also need to share knowledge to ensure that their learning and findings are accurate and can be transferred and replicated. This is why vaccine and immunization conferences are held all over the world. This particular conference is open to all researchers, experts, physicians, academics, and manufacturing partners involved with immunology and vaccines.Health & Fitness
World Congress on Vaccines and ImmunizationAugust Auckland, New Zealanddepends on guest type; ranging from $349 for students to $2500 for exhibitorsThe vaccine development conference in New Zealand is a respected gathering of researchers and experts in the field of vaccination and immunology. Industry experts can meet, socialize, and transfer knowledge to ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the most cutting-edge advancements in vaccines. The World Congress on Vaccines and Immunizations welcomes leaders in this field of science as well as in the industries associated with it.Health & Fitness
Vaccination, Immunization & Antibiotics ConferenceOctoberVancouver, Canadadepends on guest type; ranging from $150 for students to $2700 for exhibitorsImmunizations and antibiotics are among the most popular and controversial topics in modern medicine. The Vaccine, Immunization & Antibiotic conference is an ideal stage for experts in medicine, research, and academia to share their knowledge and discuss the future of these all-important topics.Health & Fitness
International Conference on Vaccines & VaccinationJuneMiami, FloridaN/AThrough immunization, an estimated 2 to 3 million deaths every year are prevented. It is further estimated that an additional 1.5 million deaths could be prevented by improving global vaccination coverage. Increased uptake of both new and underused vaccines will improve global usage in the years to come. This conference aims to spread awareness of the latest advances in vaccination and highlight ideas to increase their usage. Health & Fitness
European Congress on Vaccines R&D and VaccinationJulyPrague, Czech Republic$699This conference focuses on “optimizing vaccination strategies for control and elimination of immunizing infections.” The conference will include keynote speeches, workshops, plenary talks, symposiums, poster sessions and panel discussions on the latest research developments in the field of vaccines, immunology, and microbiology.Health & Fitness
Asian Vaccine ConferenceSeptemberYangon, Myanmar$150This symposium aims to gather in a single venue the primary stakeholders in the vaccination field in order to address the issues and challenges relevant to the immunization programs in the region. The three-day event features pre-conference masterclasses and workshops, a dedicated scientific program that will include a line-up of expert speakers coming from various parts of the globe, a trade exhibition sponsored by partners in vaccination and networking functions aimed at fostering and building relationships with more than 500 medical practitioners from 27 countries within Asia’s vaccination sector.Health & Fitness
World Vaccines and Immunology CongressDecemberAbu Dhabi, UAE$699The Organizing Committee of the World Vaccines and Immunology Congress invites participants from countries across the globe to take part in this congress, including its keynote address, breakout sessions, poster presentations, and exhibitions from support services. It aims to share the newest research in the field and find solutions for gaps in immunization. Health & Fitness
Immunization Action Coalition ConferencevariesvariesvariesThe Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) is a non-profit organization and a primary source of information on child, teen, and adult immunizations. The Coalition works to prevent diseases and increase immunization rates through the creation and distribution of educational materials for the public and healthcare professionals in order to enhance the delivery of effective and safe immunization services. The Coalition facilitates communication on the use, safety, and efficacy of vaccines within the community of healthcare organizations, patients, parents, and government health agencies. It has worked with and received support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on educating healthcare professionals about U.S. vaccine recommendations. Conference times and locations to be determinedHealth & Fitness
Worldwide Pulsus Vaccines EventvariesvariesvariesThe Pulsus Vaccines Event gathers world-class experts from industry, medicine, and academia from all over the world to discuss the current state of vaccination and to address roadblocks to usage. There are various events throughout the year. Dates and locations to be announced.Health & Fitness
Global Conference and Expo on Vaccines Research & DevelopmentFebruaryLisbon, Portugal$699This established event attracts scientists, doctors, academics, researchers, and scholars who share the latest research on vaccinations. The event will feature world-class speakers discussing the quality of vaccinations, related controversies, and ideas for making them more accessible worldwide.Health & Fitness
International Neonatal and Maternal Immunization SymposiumSeptemberVancouver, Canada$600This event has been held in Turkey, Gambia, and Belgium, to name a few locations. Attendees will discuss advances and challenges in the field of neonatal and maternal immunization in a global context. Health & Fitness
International Conference on Immunology and VaccinationSeptemberDubai, UAE$699This conference brings together representatives from different countries seeking to better understand and share new research and know how to improve adherence to vaccination schedules within their respective countries. Health & Fitness
Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable DiseasesJuneAltoona, Iowan/aThis conference features a comprehensive overview of the principles of vaccination, immunization strategies, and specific information about diseases that are preventable by vaccination. It features renowned speakers and is attended by leaders in medicine and related industries. Health & Fitness
International Conference on Vaccines and VaccinationNovemberKuala Lumpur, Malaysia $799Organized by Scientific Live, an organization that aims to take science and technology and its benefits to all nations. Stakeholders in the field of vaccination participate in the conference, sharing relevant expertise, skills, experience, case studies, research, and more.Health & Fitness
Pennsylvania Immunization ConferenceJuneHarrisburg, Pennsylvania$100Penn State College of Medicine and the Pennsylvania Department of Health host this conference every year to bring together partners in immunization. They tackle current issues, share information, and recommend strategic moves that will take the rates of immunization in Pennsylvania to a higher level. The conference targets public and private healthcare professionals from the entire state of Pennsylvania and the surrounding region. It will not accept on-site registration. Health & Fitness
European Public Health ConferenceNovemberMarseille, France€600Sponsored by the European Public Health Conference Foundation, this conference features a full track on digital health that is scheduled for development in collaboration with the International Digital Public Health Conference series. The conference allows professionals in European medicine to share expertise and ideas and network with service providers in the industry. Health & Fitness
International Public Health ConferenceSeptemberChicago, Illinois$699Organized by Outlook Conferences, this leading public health gathering features world-renowned speakers, technical workshop, and poster presentations from great minds in medicine. The goal of the conference is to bring scientists, researchers, engineers, and scholars under a single roof to allow them to share and exchange their experiences, research results, and new ideas about the various aspects of public health. The conference also aims to discuss the challenges encountered by the participants and the solutions adopted.Health & Fitness
European Conference on Mental HealthOctober Belfast, Northern Ireland€695This mental health symposium gives equal prominence to social care experience, lived experience, and health care experience. The organizers encourage a collaborative approach to mental well-being as they seek to advance awareness of mental health challenges worldwide.Health & Fitness
International mRNA Health ConferenceNovembervaries: €900; Academic/Government: €500; Student: €200The International mRNA (messenger RNA) Health Conference is the primary meeting venue for academic professionals and industry leaders exploring the fast advancing business and science of the RNA molecules that convey genetic information from DNA to ribosomes in ways that affect gene expression. The 2-day event will bring together more than 300 attendees from world-class academic institutions and from leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.Health & Fitness
International Conference on Youth Mental HealthMonth variesvariesvaries according to locationThe ICYMH gathers people from all around the world who are passionate about supporting and improving the mental health and well-being of young people. This conference brings together youth, their respective families, researchers, medical practitioners, and policymakers. They share advances in youth mental health care, strengthen international connections, and develop strategies for creating positive and real change for youth mental health awareness and care. Health & Fitness
International Women’s Health and Breast Cancer ConferenceJulyvariesLondon, England, United KingdomThis conference focuses on the sharing of knowledge, technology, and innovation, and networking related to women’s health and breast cancer. The objective of the conference is to unite academics, health and business professionals, and practitioners who are working to improve all aspects of women’s health. The conference will feature an interactive, multi-disciplinary and stimulating program that aims to provide an ideal forum to share expertise, brainstorm ideas, extend opportunities for networking, and initiate an intense discussion on challenges in women’s health.Health & Fitness
International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public HealthOctobervariesvariesThis bi-annual conference explores the diverse and complex network of law enforcement and public health. It brings together professionals from these two fields for discussions of pressing and controversial issues. The conference takes a multi-faceted approach to humanitarian, social, and public health issues. Policymakers, practitioners, and academics explore the complicated relationship between police and public health.Health & Fitness
European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International HealthvariesvariesvariesThis symposium occurs every two years and is attended by more than 1,500 scientists and experts from all over the globe. The Congress serves as a platform for sharing research and innovation in the field of tropical medicine and global health. Attendees make new contacts, strengthen networks, and form new partnerships. Important talking points include human migration and climate change.Health & Fitness
Integrative Medicine for Mental Health ConferenceAugustSan Diego, CA$599 for 3-day main conference; $699 for 4-day full conferenceThis conference supports a holistic approach to mental health disorders by drawing on multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences. It educates practitioners in helping patients enhance their mental wellness through individualized metabolic testing, dietary interventions, and nutrition therapies. Relevant laboratory analysis is used as a tool in evaluating and treating the underlying biomedical issues that may include food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, infections, and genetic disorders. Treatment is customized based on the individual’s unique biochemical, genetic, and nutritional status.Health & Fitness
Diversity in Parenting ConferenceSeptemberAnaheim, California: $250 - single day; $275 - Student/intern/associate; $495 - conference ticket; $350 - group rate ticketsThe Diversity in Parenting Conference showcases multicultural voices which are reflective of the unique journeys of parents in the modern world. We live in a world where parenting and caregiving have evolved. Unfortunately, conferences do not always reflect the unique ideas and opinions in this space. This conference aims to bring voices from different cultures, family systems, and theoretical ideologies together in an open and collaborative forum.Parenting
Family Matters Building Grace-based RelationshipsvariesvariesfreeFamily Matters is a non-profit ministry with a goal of seeing families transformed by God’s grace into instruments of restoration and reformation by equipping families at every age and stage of life. Families are viewed as the foundation of a successful society. Today, perhaps more than ever before, the family is being undermined and fragmented by many counter-forces that include relentless change, a lack of clear moral values, busy-ness, an attitude of indifference, and children being forced to grow up too fast. When families are unhealthy, the communities suffer many consequences in such areas as economic productivity, law enforcement, education, health care needs, violence, and abuse.Parenting
Chance to Parent ConferenceOctoberSeattle, Washingtonvaries The Association for Successful Parenting offers this conference, which provides legal professionals, social workers, policy makers, researchers, direct service providers, parents, and others a chance to learn about new and innovative practices, policies, and research on the topic of parenting with learning differences and/or intellectual disabilities. Parenting
Love and Logic for the Classroom and Home, Real-life Solutions for Real-life ProblemsvariesvariesvariesThe Love and Logic Institute is dedicated to making parenting and teaching rewarding and fun, instead of chaotic and stressful. It provides practical techniques and tools to help adults achieve a healthy and respectful relationship with children. These conferences are offered at different times and locations around the country. Parents and teachers learn to show empathy while empowering children to make their own choices and allowing natural consequences to do the teaching. Parenting
Statewide Conference, Texas Parent-to-ParentJuneTexasdonationTexas Parent-to-Parent aims to improve the lives of children with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or special health care needs. The organization empowers families to be strong advocates through resource referral, parent-to-parent support, and education. The Texas Parent-to-Parent annual conference provides two days for parents to meet others on their same journey, learn from expert service providers, and connect with helpful resources. Parenting
Conference on Parenting Options for European Gay Menvariesvaries€40 - early bird; €50 Men Having Babies, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was created as a result of a 2012 program that ran at the NYC LGBT Center. It started as a peer support network for biological gay fathers and fathers-to-be, offering monthly workshops and an annual seminar. Over time, the organization was able to develop its online resources and expand to include about 2,000 couples and singles from around the globe. It teamed up with LGBT family associations to develop similar programs in various cities around the world.Parenting
Australian Institute of Family StudiesvariesvariesvariesThe Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is a government agency that was formed back in the 1980s as a response to the Family Law Act of 1975. This agency is responsible for creating high-quality research that is beneficial to the typical Australian family. They also hold conferences and talks to provide helpful information and resources to families. Parenting
Parenting Awareness Michigan ConferenceNovemberEast Lansing, Michigan$75Kicking off Parenting Awareness Month, this yearly conference held in Michigan aims to teach people about various parenting issues and connect them with resources and programs that they can use to their benefit. This conference isn’t limited to parents as anyone seeking professional development is welcome, including family-educators, school personnel, and parent leaders.Parenting
Positive Discipline Conference and Think TankJulySan Diego, CA$99At this conference, various keynote speakers, educators, experts, and clinicians share ideas and tools for disciplining children in positive ways. The conference has various tracks that you can choose from so that you can attend sessions that are geared specifically to your interests and needs. The event will be held for three days.
The first day is open to the public, while the remaining two days are for members only.
The Parenting ConferenceOctober Hatfield, England£25 for Adults; £10 for ChildrenThis event is designed to help equip and inspire parents to raise Christ-centered toddlers, tweens, and teenagers. While the conference sessions are designed for parents, there will also be activities for children from ages 1 to 10. Parenting
Foster Parent Conference: The Rhythm of RelationshipsSeptemberMurfreesboro, Tennessee$45-180When children experience negative emotions such as neglect and trauma, this can heavily change how their bodies and minds develop. This conference will focus on how rhythmic interventions can help prevent these developmental issues. The conference will also focus on the dynamics of foster parenting and how parents can form healthy relationships with their foster children. The event is a mix of science and intervention with innovations in neuroscience that can be applied to parenting and foster parenting. Parenting
ADELAIDE Resilient Kids ConferenceJuneModbury North, Australia$89 AUDThe ADELAIDE Resilient Kids Conference aims to offer support to both parents and educators so that they have the necessary tools and resources to nurture the younger generation. The presentations feature top experts in parenting-related fields. It is a highly concentrated and cost-effective event wrapped up into one chock-full day of dynamic instruction. Parenting
Partners in Prevention ConferenceNovember Austin, TexasWhen it comes to raising and taking care of children, prevention is definitely better than cure. This is why the Partners in Prevention Conference is the one of the biggest annual events for leaders in early childhood intervention and prevention. This conference aims to attract parent educators, researchers, youth service providers, and policy advocates so that they can learn about the current state of youth development, the well-being of the family, and the new updates to juvenile law. It will also address topics such as reducing child abuse, improving the socio-economic situation of the family, and improving mental and physical health. Parenting
Flourishing Grace Church Parenting ConferenceJuneBountiful, Utah$20When it comes to family relationships, Flourishing Grace Church focuses on how families can lead flourishing lives with Jesus Christ. This conference, led by Dr. Paul David Tripp, helps people reach this goal. With the help of this conference, parents and even grandparents will be able to use words, values, and beliefs that can put God at the center of their family.Parenting
Single Mothers Empowerment ConferenceJuneBirmingham, Alabama$20Being a parent is a difficult task. However, what’s even harder is being a single mother. This is why the Single Mothers Empowerment Conference exists as a community event that can help renew hopes, lives, goals, and dreams. This conference can help reinvigorate the spirits of single mothers despite all of the hardships they typically face. It provides attendees with resources, information, and mentorship.Parenting
University Bible Church Parenting ConferenceJuneChubbuck, Idaho$30Becoming a parent is one thing but raising children with Christ as the center of the family is a task that can be difficult for many to commit to. Fortunately, the University Bible Church hosts conferences with speakers who are members of church ministries focused on parenting and rearing children. This conference is not just limited to parents as it is also designed for everyone who is involved in caring for and teaching youth to be responsible adults who are centered on Christ.Parenting
Prevent Child Abuse America National ConferenceSeptemberMilwaukee, Wisconsin$300Prevent Child Abuse America is dedicated to helping children and families thrive. They promote healthy childhood development for youth and work to prevent child abuse so that children can grow up healthy and well. In light of this goal, the Prevent Child Abuse America National Conference will tackle practices and programs as well as strategies and research regarding the prevention of child abuse. It also aims to spread public awareness and provide strategies that both parents and educators can use to stem child abuse. Parenting
Happiness & Its Causes ConferenceJuneInternational Convention Centre, Sydney$1,095Happiness and Its Causes is the largest happiness psychology forum. Its Sydney-based conference provides attendees with an unforgettable 2-day experience. They will find inspiration in topics presented by more than 40 speakers relevant to science, education, arts and business. Join the forum to connect with more than 2,000 like-minded delegates, and explore why happiness is of the utmost importance to being satisfied and thoroughly enjoying life. The event is designed for people interested in education, psychology, health care, business and mental health. Happiness
World Happiness SummitMarchN/AN/AThe World Happiness Summit (WOHASU) is an annual global gathering of individuals aiming to discover the importance of gaining and implementing researched-backed tools for making communities happier. This 3-day annual event is participated in by more than 2,000 like-minded individuals and facilitated by International Happiness Experts to discuss the Six Elements of Well-Being and provide a holistic approach to happiness. The WOHASU was designed to bring awareness to the valuable benefits of the science of happiness and well-being. WOHASU will help you to start showing up for your life and choose happiness.Happiness
Positive Psychology and HappinessNovemberDubai, United Arab EmiratesVariesPositive Psychology and Happiness is an extraordinary event wherein participants can explore wellness, happiness, positivity and well-being to start living happy and fulfilling lives. This meeting is set to take place in Dubai with subject matter experts and keynote speakers in science, education, social sciences, business, psychology, medical, arts and various other fields. This will be an unforgettable 2-day meeting filled with exciting activities and experiences to complement and strengthen delegates in their pursuance of a happier and healthier life. Participants can learn about positive education and how to blend scholarly-academic learning with well-being and character to become happier, positive thinkers and healthier in mind and body. Happiness
International Conference of Work and FamilyJulyBarcelona, SpainVaries, From 180-700€Modern-day families struggle with different issues and challenges, especially when both parents are working. This bi-annual event takes a closer look at the role of work and family in an individual’s pursuit of happiness. Speakers come from MIT Management School, the Sloan Foundation, Boston University, the Wharton School, the NYU Stern School of Business, and more.Happiness
Health, Healing & Happiness ConferenceJune 1Las Vegas$25 - $99This event is geared to individuals who want to find inspiration and motivation in pursuing an exciting journey toward holistic well-being. The event will feature healthy inspirations programs from top industry experts as well as the Vegan Taste Experience with participating food vendors. This two-day event will also showcase presentations and food demos from world-renowned chefs to take participants on an exciting food journey around the globe. Attendees can enjoy morning meditations, social networking, informative sessions, music and entertainment, giveaways and more for an unforgettable experience.Happiness
International Conference on Clinical and Medical Case ReportsJulyKyoto, JapanN/AClinical studies are a crucial part of providing the best patient care. Healthcare professionals rely on clinical and laboratory examination for proper diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention. This year’s conference focuses on the breakthroughs of case reports in clinical and medical research. It is a great platform for participants to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies, discoveries and advancement in the field of clinical and medical research. Attendees can expect lectures from industry and healthcare leaders and a fun-filled environment that opens opportunities for connection and networking.Doctor Conventions
Annual Congress on MedicineOctoberKyoto, JapanN/AThis Congress on Medicine is an international platform where healthcare participants can share knowledge about the current innovations, research and development in medicine. The organizers have invited representatives and keynote speakers from various healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors to provide attendees with unique insights and a meaningful experience. Doctor Conventions
Family Physician Health and Well-being ConferenceAprilSan Antonio, TXN/AThis conference aims to provide attendees a revitalizing experience as they explore evidence-based solutions for a holistic approach to family well-being. The program is crafted to discover solutions to improve professional satisfaction as well as patient care. There will be tools and resources to help professionals improve well-being (both their patients’ and their own) and decrease the burden of the current trends in health care. Doctor Conventions
WONKA Global Family Doctor Europe Region ConferenceJuneBerlin, GermanyN/AThis event gathers participants from Germany, South Tyrolia, and Austria, allowing them to make new connections and gain new inspiration for their professional life. Attendees will be encouraged to relax and reflect on the core values of family medicine. Subject matter experts from different parts of the world will impart valuable insights and opinions.Doctor Conventions
Christian Healthcare Professionals ConventionAprilCorvinton, KentuckyN/AThis event draws in physicians, nurses, dentists, hospital administrators, resident doctors and other health care professionals who are committed to Christian fellowship. Attendees will learn about social and health issues and the Christian ideologies that help advance and enhance health care.Doctor Conventions
CMA National Health Policy ConferenceOctoberQuebec | Mont-TremblantN/AThe Canadian Medical Association aims to build better healthcare infrastructure and provide exceptional patient care by fully supporting the profession. There are many changes and challenges in healthcare, and by constantly reaching out to their members the CMA helps mitigate physician burnout and stress. This conference is for healthcare professionals, organizations and industry leaders affiliated with health care in Canada. Doctor Conventions
Canadian Women in Medicine Annual ConferenceJuneToronto, OntarioN/AThe Canadian Women in Medicine Conference is a weekend event for female physicians. It offers engaging and informative workshops led by experts from various parts of the world. Topics include personal, professional, and financial development, and attendees will have the opportunity to help support important charities for women as part of their attendance at the conference. Doctor Conventions
AMSA Convention and ExpositionAprilWashington DCN/AThe American Medical Student Association Convention and Exposition aims to bring together students, health care experts and innovators to inform, inspire and motivate future physicians. Doctor Conventions
PCOM Midyear ConventionOctoberNewtown Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, Baguio City, PhilippinesN/AThe Philippine College of Occupational Medicine was originally founded in 1966 by a group of physicians. It was originally called the Industrial Medical Association of the Philippines. There were 350 members from six chapters nationwide, but the numbers continued to grow as the need for certified and trained health care professionals increased in high-risk workplaces. PCOM is accredited by the Department of Labor and Employment as a training institution specializing in occupational medicine. This PCOM event is attended by local and international occupational medicine providers and associated professionals.Doctor Conventions
OPW Annual ConventionMay - JuneWalla Walla, WA Varies, from $75-$295The Optometric Physicians of Washington (OPW) will be having their annual convention to tackle current issues and establish connections with fellow optometrists in the region. The event will feature expert educators in eye care and discussions about technological advancements in the field. Doctor Conventions
American Conference on Physician HealthSeptemberCharlotte, NCVaries, from $249-$825Physician well-being is as necessary as ensuring that patients are well-cared for and given the best possible treatment for their condition. The American Conference on Physician Health will focus on promoting scientific research and discourse on the topic of physician well-being. Topics will include health care system organization infrastructure, physician burn-out, and strategies to improve physician well-being. The event is open to students in health care, resident doctors, AMA members and non-members. Doctor Conventions
CME ConferencesVariesVariesVaries, from $249-$825Health care professionals need to continue learning and stay up-to-date with new research and development in their fields. Even the most brilliant medical minds can still learn something new. These continuing medical education conferences are packed with great content and discussion from engaging speakers to keep physicians on top of their game. They are often set in beautiful locations across the country and designed to address the specific needs of attending specialists in compliance with the current regulations of Continuing Medical Education. Doctor Conventions
BMANA Annual ConventionJulyDetroit, MichiganN/AThe Bangladeshi Medical Association of North America was founded in 1981 by physicians of Bangladeshi origin. The BMANA Annual Convention brings together Bangladeshi physicians for educational, cultural, scientific and charitable purposes. Doctor Conventions
CMA Annual Educational ConferenceSeptemberNashville, TNVaries, From $665-$990This conference is put on by the Catholic Medical Association. It unites a nationwide community of physicians and other healthcare providers and gives them instruction and resources to help them uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine. Doctor Conventions
TOMA/TXACOFP Annual ConventionJuneArlington, TXN/AThe Texas Osteopathic Medical Association was founded in 1900. At present, it has more than 1400 practitioners across the State of Texas. The organization is fully committed to improving public health; promoting the osteopathic philosophy; elevating the standards of the profession in the fields of surgery, medicine and obstetrics; and promoting research in the discovery and treatment of related diseases. Their annual convention opens opportunities for fellows to connect, network, share and learn about the newest scientific findings and innovations in osteopathic medicine.Doctor Conventions
National Medical Association Annual Convention and Scientific AssemblyJulyHonolulu, HIN/AThis event helps African American health care professionals find inspiration, motivation and mentorship. Roughly 2,500 physicians will attend this event to discuss health challenges facing African Americans as well as barriers to entry for African Americans seeking employment in the medical field. Doctor Conventions
Florida Suncoast Pediatric ConferenceJuneSarasota, FLVaries, From $350-$750This event helps professionals in pediatric medicine stay up to date on the latest issues. Topics include behavioral disorders, pediatric and teenage obesity, HPV, asthma, cognitive behavioral therapy, depression and anxiety and more. The conference provides continuing education for pediatricians, family practice physicians, nurse practitioners and other pediatric health care professionals. Doctor Conventions
Royal College of Psychiatrists International CongressJulyLondon, UKDepends on month of registrationThe Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress brings together some of the greatest minds in the field of psychiatry to discuss trending issues in mental health. Doctor Conventions
Johns Hopkins All Children's Annual Research SymposiumOctoberSt. Petersburg, FLN/AThis program aims to help fill in gaps in education about childhood diseases as well as determinants of pediatric health. Leading physicians and academics will discuss key issues surrounding these topics. Doctor Conventions
Annual Pediatric Brain SymposiumOctoberSt. Petersburg, FLN/AHealth care professionals dealing with pediatric brains and brain development can receive continuing education in the fields of neurosurgery, psychiatry and more at this conference. Doctor Conventions
All Florida Pediatric Echo Society SymposiumSeptemberSt. Petersburg, FLN/AThis is a leading conference for those involved with sustaining pediatric heart health. Participants can learn about the latest developments and discoveries in various pediatric specialties, including pediatric cardiology. Doctor Conventions
The National Conference on Pain for Frontline PractitionersSeptemberLas Vegas, NVVaries, From $699-$879Frontline practitioners interested in pain management can learn new techniques through this conference. Workshops and discussions will focus on behavioral, integrative and functional health care as well as interventional pain management, chemical dependency, palliative care and more.Doctor Conventions
What’s Right in HealthcareAugustDallas, TXVaries, From $1495How do you deliver exceptional and ethical patient care at all times? That’s the topic for this conference that brings providers from all backgrounds together to discuss priorities and moral parameters for healthcare. Doctor Conventions
Restorative Medicine ConferenceSeptemberSan Diego, CAVaries, From $200-$650Many people with chronic health problems experience healing through the expertise of health care professionals specializing in restorative medicine. This conference discusses natural modalities and their application for optimal recovery and well-being.Doctor Conventions
Medical Integration ConventionOctoberSan Diego, CAVaries, From $495-$995Services from specialists in areas including regenerative treatment and chiropractic care are often well-suited to address unique health conditions and chronic illnesses. The Medical Integration Convention is packed with expert speakers and discussions to help practitioners decide how to integrate different medical services and philosophies to better serve their patients. Doctor Conventions
AMPED Medical ConferencesVariesVariesVariesAffiliated Medical Professionals for Education and Development frequently hosts international conferences to inform physicians and other healthcare providers about current healthcare trends and help them offer the best care to their patients. The organization also helps improve healthcare in countries such as the Maldives, India, and Papua New Guinea. Doctor Conventions
European Neurology CongressJulyLondon, UK€350 for students, €680 for businessesExperts in the field of neurology and neuroscience come together to share the latest innovations and best practices. Topics of discussion include clinical neurophysiology, neurosurgery, neuro muscular disorders, neuro infectious diseases, pediatric neurology, neuropathology, brain tumor and neuro-oncology and more.Doctor Conventions
Indiana OPTOMETRY's Summer Pharmacology SeminarJulyCarmela, Indiana$35This conference provides continuing education to professionals and health care practitioners who specialize in optometry and the medications prescribed to enhance eye care. Doctor Conventions
Education Event in Clinical Chest MedicineOctoberNew Orleans, Louisiana$869This annual conference of the American College of Chest Physicians brings together leaders in chest medicine education, research, and patient care. The program will offer postgraduate courses, presentations of the latest advances in the field, and interactive case-based discussions. Attendees will be immersed in cutting edge information on pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Doctor Conventions
The Premier Educational Conference on Practical PsychopharmacologyOctoberSan Diego, California$99 for Students, $600 for Military and Non-Physicians, $800 for PhysiciansThis conference connects specialists in mental health so that they can improve their patient care. It brings together physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, and other professionals to discuss cutting edge developments in psychopharmacology. Doctor Conventions
Rural Medicine AustraliaOctoberGold Coast, Australia$295The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) hosts a yearly conference for rural and remote doctors of Australia. It brings together physicians, aspiring physicians, academics, educators, and researchers to share knowledge and resources and develop strategies for improving rural health care.Doctor Conventions
The Family Medicine Forum (FMF)October - NovemberVancouver, Canada$65 per day for StudentsThis conference brings together family medicine physicians and other professionals to discuss new research and also address challenges in the field. Doctor Conventions
Utah Optometric Association Annual ConventionJuneMidway, Utah$150The Utah Optometric Association Board of Directors holds an annual convention where eye doctors can come together and receive continuing education. They can learn about new treatment options, scientific advances, equipment, and other resources for improving patient care. Doctor Conventions
HLTH Create Health's FutureOctoberMGM Grand, Las Vegas$2,050HLTH is a unique event centered on the future of health. It brings together more than 5,000 attendees for what is billed as the “largest and most important conference for health innovation.” Attendees include senior leaders from across payers, providers, employers, investors, fast-growing startups, pharma, policymakers and innovation centers. Doctor Conventions
European Epidemiology and Public Health CongressJuneHelsinki, Finland$249 for Students; $599 for BusinessThis conference is dedicated to the study of infections and how infection and illness spread. New findings and treatment options are disseminated to the doctors, academics, researchers, and medication producers in attendance.Doctor Conventions
Asia Pacific Global Summit on HealthcareJanuaryMaldivesn/aHealth conferences around the world attest to the diversity of treatment. The best treatment option in Asia may not be the best in Europe or North America. In fact, even within a particular region, treatment options may change depending on various factors such as genetics, climate, and specific strains of bacteria. The Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare is a conference where all of these points can be discussed by the experts in the field to ensure that they are proving the best care to patients in the region. Doctor Conventions
International Conference on Women’s Healthcare and FertilityOctoberParis, France$399 for Students, $699 for BusinessThis conference brings together leaders in women’s health to discuss the latest advances, with a special emphasis on new developments in fertility treatment. Doctor Conventions
Annual Congress on Wellness and Healthcare InformaticsOctoberRome, Italy$349 for students, $599 for BusinessInformation technology is now at the center of most aspects of life, including our healthcare system. This conference focuses on the marriage of IT and medicine. Healthcare professionals as well as IT specialists will attend. Topics of discussion will include the Internet of Things, telemedicine, and digital health. Doctor Conventions
World Congress on Healthcare and Hospital ManagementAugustParis, France$399 for Students, $799 for BusinessThis meeting brings together great medical minds from around the world to discuss the future of healthcare and hospital management. Presenters will focus on new developments in the field and how to improve the hospital experience. Doctor Conventions
World Congress & Expo on Healthcare ITNovemberParis, France$300 for Students, $599 for BusinessInformation technology has permeated every facet of society, including our healthcare system. It has tremendous potential for improving our quality of life, but in order for this to happen, both sides—healthcare and IT—have to work together smartly and efficiently. This conference brings together specialists from these two industries to ensure that they are working together to improve the future of healthcare. Exciting new developments will be discussed, and attendees will discover new resources and networking opportunities. Doctor Conventions
Global Public Health CongressOctoberFlorence, Italy€470 for studentsThis public health congress unites leaders in global public health to discuss what’s working and what’s not in the public health scene. They will network, hear about global success stories, and learn about new innovations and resources.Doctor Conventions
Annual Meeting on Epidemiology and Public HealthOctoberAmsterdam, Netherlands$299This conference offers keynote speeches, exhibitions, plenary talks, workshops, symposiums, poster sessions, B2B networking, and panel discussions on the latest research developments in epidemiology and public health. Workshops will cover such topics as sexually transmitted diseases, genetic epidemiology, immunopharmacology, rare diseases, and cancer epidemiology. Doctor Conventions
World Congress on Health Economics, Health Policy and Healthcare ManagementOctoberCopenhagen, Denmark$349This conference centers on the often complicated interplay between economics and healthcare. It brings together experts in medicine, policy, and economics to discuss how to increase access to healthcare and improve quality of care worldwide. Doctor Conventions
International Conference on Hospital Management and Health CareMarchTokyo, Japan$399This conference addresses such topics as hospital hygiene, hospital economics, and ways to improve the hospital experience and state of healthcare around the world. Professionals from all fields of healthcare and hospital administration are invited to attend. Doctor Conventions
Community Health Institute & EXPOAugustChicago, Illinois$1,290The National Association of Community Health Centers is sponsoring this event known as CHI. Health center clinicians, executives, consumer board members, and State/Regional Primary Care Associations and Health Center Controlled Networks will attend. They will network, share resources, and discuss topics such as how to deliver care more efficiently, how to train in new disciplines, and how to pursue innovative models of care that target social determinants of health and address the newest public health issues.Doctor Conventions
World Congress on Health Care & Hospital ManagementOctoberYokohama, Japan$399This conference brings together world leaders in health care and hospital administration to discuss how to enhance global health development in ways that will lead to sustainable, healthy communities.Doctor Conventions
International Conference on Healthcare, Biomedical, Statistics and Public HealthNovemberMadrid, SpainN/AThis conference centers on how science and technology can help improve health care and make it more accessible to people around the world. This conference is open to physicians, health care experts, IT experts, researchers, programmers, and others in the fields of health care, science, and technology. Doctor Conventions
Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors AssociationAugustMiami, Florida$795HCEAConnect is an annual convention where industry leaders, healthcare experts, and solution providers come together to focus on the future of health care. There will be talks, roundtable discussions, and networking events. Doctor Conventions
Africa Healthcare Extension SummitNovemberNairobi, KenyaN/AThe Africa Healthcare Extension Summit focuses on the current issues surrounding healthcare in Africa. Conference presenters will roll out a 2030 vision and discuss vaccination, health-related infrastructure, and healthcare accessibility. The conference will feature world-class speakers discussing how to improve the future of health on the African continent. Doctor Conventions
Healthcare Design Expo and ConferenceNovemberNew Orleans, LouisianaN/AWith an abundance of new healthcare products and trends, it’s hard to stay informed about the latest and greatest healthcare advances. This annual expo and conference will highlight the newest innovations, research findings, and strategies in healthcare. Attendees can visit the expo to see innovative and high-tech healthcare products for clinical and hospital settings.Doctor Conventions
National School-Based Health Care ConventionJuneWashington DC$550At this conference, school-based health care professionals work to improve the future of healthcare for children and teens. More than 2,500 school-based health centers nationwide are delivering integrated, patient-centered care, screenings for conditions like obesity and depression, and preventive services—all with a special focus on vulnerable children and adolescents. This convention showcases success stories and innovations from these health centers and helps strategize ways to promote health equity. Doctor Conventions
Integrative Health ConventionOctoberLondon, UK£200At the Integrative Health Convention, practitioners will learn new strategies for incorporating the best of Western scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing and wellness. Workshops will center on new approaches to medicine that address the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit in the context of community.Doctor Conventions
AWHONN Annual ConventionJuneAtlanta, GeorgiaN/AThe Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses sponsors this convention to bring together leading service providers in the field. They will focus on
the future of women’s health and neonatal care and craft strategies to improve quality of care. They will also learn about the latest developments and resources available for their use.
Doctor Conventions
International Nursing Research CongressJulyAlberta, CanadaN/AThis convention focuses on cutting-edge concepts, ideas, and treatment strategies in the field of nursing. Over 1,000 nurse researchers, students, clinicians, and leaders who are dedicated to evidence-based research will come together for this event. They will explore innovative and collaborative research and evidence-based practice strategies that connect colleagues to improve global health outcomes.Doctor Conventions
AMSN ConventionSeptemberChicago$475Hosted by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, this annual convention brings nurses together to discuss ways to improve patient care. Participants can network with other professionals in their field and learn about the latest advances in the field of medical-surgical nursing. Doctor Conventions
2019 CHES ConferenceSeptemberSaskatoon, SKVaries, From $495-$995The Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society aims to develop a patient-care focused environment. This conference brings together leaders in the healthcare engineering field to discuss ways to create a better healing environment. They develop strategies for advancing integrated design with input from both healthcare providers and engineers.Doctor Conventions
XPOMET Medicinale Future Health and CareOctoberBerlin, GermanyVaries, From 100,00 €-1.100,00 €Germany has long been a leader in healthcare so it is fitting that the country hosts the XPOMET Medicinale Future Health and Care Convention where the best practices and trends in global healthcare will be showcased. Participants will learn about future developments in various fields of medicine and health, with a focus on technology. Doctor Conventions
Annual IHCA Convention and Expo Peace, Love and QualitySeptemberSpringfield, ILN/AThe Illinois Health Care Association annually holds one of the largest conventions and expos for long-term health care professionals. Participants can take part in over 100 learning sessions and a comprehensive expo featuring the latest inventions, technological advancements and services in long-term care. Attendees will hear from local and international keynote speakers and have the opportunity to network and connect with their peers.Doctor Conventions
PHCA Annual Convention and Trade ShowSeptemberKing of Prussia, PAVaries, From $189-499The Pennsylvania Healthcare Association hosts this conference, featuring the finest speakers on issues that are relevant to providers across the care spectrum, with special educational tracks for assisted living, personal care, skilled nursing, and nurses. There will also be opportunities to learn about new products and services and network with fellow professionals. Doctor Conventions
NHA Annual ConventionOctoberLa Vista, NebraskaVaries, From $189-499The Nebraska Hospital Association Annual Convention is the biggest gathering of healthcare providers and hospital executives in the area. The event is set to have one-on-one networking opportunities with decision makers in the field and speeches and workshops from leaders in the healthcare and hospital industries. New technology in health care will be on display, including IT, marketing, and safety and quality products and services. Doctor Conventions
MHA Fall Convention and Trade ShowSeptemberBillings, MontanaN/AThe Montana Hospital Association hosts this event, which is the largest gathering of health care professionals in the state. The premier event attracts rural health leaders from across Montana and surrounding areas who are dedicated to learning and engaging in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. There will be many networking opportunities and more than 60 breakout sessions with speakers of national and international acclaim. Attendees can also participate in the state’s biggest health care trade show.Doctor Conventions
AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab ExpoAugustAnaheim, CAN/AThe American Association for Clinical Chemistry is a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare. At this convention, professionals in the laboratory science field can network with peers, learn from global experts, and see displays of the latest technological advancements in lab science. Doctor Conventions
Australia Health Insurance SummitJuneSydney, AUN/AThis summit is the most established business gathering within the private health insurance industry. It facilitates post-federal election discussions on the future of the PHI industry in Australia, with a special focus on reform, regulatory updates, and innovation. Health Insurance
World Health SummitOctoberBerlin, GermanyVaries, From €69 - €920 This well-established health summit encourages healthcare professionals, executives and decision makers from around the globe to come together to network, problem solve, and learn. Some of the topics to be discussed by international healthcare experts include investing in health and education, universal health coverage, research and development for infectious diseases, future health policies and more. Health Insurance
Mental Health America Annual ConferenceJuneWashington DCVaries, From $150-$750This annual conference will bring together affiliates, consumers, providers, family members and advocates from across the country to talk about the most pressing issues related to mental health, including dueling diagnoses. Keynote addresses and breakout sessions will focus on understanding the factors that lead to mental and physical health concerns in both adults and children. Health Insurance
World Hospital CongressNovemberOman Convention and Exhibition Centre, Muscat, OmanN/AThe World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation (IHF) is a biennial event and forum for hospital and healthcare organizations. Topics include hospital and healthcare management, national and international policies, financial directions, service delivery opportunities and healthcare management solutions. Professionals, administrators and policy makers will converge at this event to discuss the future of healthcare. Health Insurance
Health 2.0 Annual ConferenceSeptemberSanta Clara, California$350-$1350Health 2.0 focuses on the union of high tech and health. This includes the newest technology startups and their projects, the investors backing health tech, and the different dialogues that stem from these developments. Attendees will gain access to practical solutions that center on user experience, data-driven solutions and decision points for health practitioners, researchers and consumers. They can hear from top tech developers and see where their innovations are headed. Pharmaceutical firms, tech companies, healthcare professionals, and consumers will all be in attendance. Health Insurance
NYHPA Annual Conference21 November 2019Albany, NYN/AThe New York Health Plan Association Conference focuses on the current state of healthcare in the State of New York, with specific emphasis on how to make this care more affordable and accessible. Other related topics include payment reforms and how healthcare providers and end-users are adjusting to these reforms. Health Insurance
International Committee for Insurance Medicine (ICLAM)—Mumbai NovemberMumbai, India400€-750€Since 1935, ICLAM congresses have been considered the international benchmark for scientific training, interactive discussion and networking on topics related to risk underwriting – and more recently claims assessment. The congresses typically bring together over 300-400 insurance doctors, underwriters, claim evaluators and actuaries in scientific debate and social activities. Topics will include evidence-based underwriting and claims assessment, swift adaptation to new regulations, technology and medical advances, and changes in consumer behaviors.Health Insurance
LaingBuisson’s Investing in International Healthcare ConferenceJuneNew York City, NY$495This conference examines the increasing amount of capital being deployed from the U.S. into international services assets and vice versa. Healthcare real estate, senior living, healthcare staffing, behavioral health, acute hospitals, dental, veterinary and digital health and more have all seen significant transatlantic investment. Attendees will get access to C-Suite speakers and leading investors, advisors and experts from around the globe who will discuss their enterprises and the opportunities and roadblocks they face.Health Insurance
Community Health Connections JuneOttawa, CanadaN/AThe Alliance for Healthier Communities offers this conference with a focus on improving health and well-being. The alliance has a wide range of members, which include traditional Aboriginal healers, community development personnel and outreach workers, chiropodists and conventional health professionals and practitioners. This conference serves as a forum for discussing contemporary Canadian health issues and concerns. It also presents the historical issues which affect health and healthcare. Other discussions center on healthcare advocacy and improving the quality and delivery of healthcare. Breakout sessions will focus on pharmaceuticals, dental care, community governance, health equity, housing and truth and reconciliation. Health Insurance
Health Benefits Conference & ExpoJanuaryClearwater Beach, FloridaN/AThe HBCE is designed for mid-level and senior-level managers, both in the private and public sectors, hospital administrators, health care system personnel and academics. Topics of discussion will include subscriber and employee/employer benefits and rewards; health services; wellness and health promotions; population health management; human resources; onsite and near-site clinics; workers’ compensation; absence management; and occupational health and safety. It also affords professionals a way to earn CE credits including those for CEBS, CHES/MCHES, NWI, PHR/SPHR/GPHR, and SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP.Health Insurance
ICN Congress JuneSingapore300€-1035€The International Council of Nurses welcomes over 5,000 delegates to its congress. This international meeting will focus on contemporary issues relating to nursing and healthcare, including universal access to healthcare and social determinants like education, financial status, gender equality, location, and more. Nurses can learn from international experts, network, and share information and experiences. Health Insurance
National Conference on Correctional Health CareOctoberFort Lauderdale, Florida$240-$540This conference serves as a venue for continuing education and networking for correctional health care professionals, including correctional health care administrators, managers, and other staff. There will be more than 100 breakout sessions and seminars and more than 30 hours of CE credits available. Topics for discussion include chronic care, oral health, infectious diseases, behavioral and mental health, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, liability challenges and risk management. Experts will also discuss health care delivery in juvenile correctional facilities. Health Insurance
Global Summit on Public Health CareNovemberDubai, United Arab Emirates$449-649This summit brings together public health care experts, health care professionals and providers, scientists and researchers, and policy makers. It facilitates discussions on problems and concerns regarding public health. It also forecasts upcoming challenges and seeks to provide solutions. Health Insurance
MedTech ConferenceSeptemberBoston, MAVaries, From $1195 to $2595 (Full Access Rates)The MedTech Conference is an annual event that convenes more than 3,000 medtech professionals from the U.S. and Canada. During this event, participants will learn about the latest trends in medical technology from world-class speakers. Timely, relevant and critical topics are set to be discussed and explored throughout the conference. Attendees also have a valuable opportunity to network and check out new tech developments in the Exhibit Hall. Health Insurance
World Congress on Patient Safety & Quality HealthcareJuneVienna, AustriaVaries, From €510-700 Providing quality healthcare and ensuring patient safety remain ongoing challenges around the globe. This congress will focus on advanced nursing research and its impact on clinical practice and outcomes, through oral and poster presentations, educational workshop sessions, and influential plenary presentations. Attendees will be provided with the tools to improve the patient experience in a variety of different healthcare settings. Health Insurance
MJBizConNEXT Executive SummitJuneNew Orleans, LAN/AMarijuana legalization in several states was met with conflicting reactions from various sides. Over the years, legalization has taught this new industry several things. Findings will be discussed at the MJBizConNEXT Executive Summit. This two-day event is an opportunity to foresee the future of the industry from the perspective of successful executives based on their experiences. Attendees can participate in speaker-led discussions and make peer-to-peer connections. Marijuana Conventions
International Conference on Cannabis and Medical ResearchJulyBangkok, ThailandVaries, from €350 for Students to €830 for BusinessCannabis for medical applications is a new industry that is developing fast, in spite of the challenges and issues that surround it. While it is still prohibited in many countries, there is a growing acceptance of the medicinal use of cannabis. This one-of-a-kind conference will introduce attendees to the most up-to-date developments in the field of medicinal cannabis. Participates can share research and experiences with peers and connect with scholars and pioneers in the industry. Marijuana Conventions
Europe CBD Expo London JulyVienna, Austria£40 - £50CBD, or cannabidiol, is an essential component of medical marijuana. As interest in this compound increases, the leaders of Europe CBD Expo London will showcase leading international CBD brands as well as global scientific research from various sectors of the CBD and medical cannabis industries. Participants can expect two fascinating and enjoyable days filled with opportunities to discover the latest developments and benefits of CBD. Industry experts will be participating in panel discussions to help decrease the stigma around the medical marijuana industry.Marijuana Conventions
Cannabis Europa ConferenceJuneLondon, UKN/ACannabis has always been a controversial product, but recent developments and scientific studies have proven its health benefits. The Cannabis Europa Conference is one of the events that will be delving into the different aspects of the emerging cannabis industry in the region. The event will touch on the CBD boom as well as the culture and politics of cannabis. Industry leaders will discuss their efforts to establish the benefits of cannabis within the medical industry. Marijuana Conventions
Mary Jane Berlin Cannabis Expo and FestivalJuneBerlin, GermanyN/AThe German cannabis market is growing extensively, and Mary Jane Berlin is considered the number one trade show revolving around its uses and benefits. Attendees can discover CBD in all forms, from CBD oil to CBD gummy bears. This event is expected to draw over 25,000 visitors and more than 250 exhibitors. There will be discussions on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and exhibitors will showcase over 30,000 types of CBD products. Marijuana Conventions
CannaFair AugustNorth Rhine-Westfalia, GermanyVaries, from €7,00 for Students to €56,00 for BusinessThe interest in marijuana is skyrocketing across Europe. CannaFair 2019 will capitalize on this excitement by offering cannabis companies the best platform to showcase their products and services. The conference team is composed of experts in the cannabis industry. Attendees can network, learn about the latest developments in medical marijuana, hear about policies affecting the buying and selling of cannabis, and see a wide variety of cannabis-based products. Marijuana Conventions
CannafestNovemberPragueVaries, From 150 Kč (1-day pre-sale) to 350 Kč (3-day on location)Following the recent uptick in the medical cannabis and cannabidiol industry in many countries in Europe, a series of festivals, trade shows, and expos have emerged to support the growing industry. CannaFest is one of these much-anticipated events and promises to be one of the largest festivals of its kind. It will welcome over 260 exhibitors and thousands of guests from 26 countries. There will be informative lectures from industry experts; networking activities with peers, sponsors and partners; exhibition halls; workshop zones and other activities. Marijuana Conventions
MedCann ForumNovemberValletta, MaltaFull Conference Tickets for £200.20The MedCann Forum is a conference that brings together industry experts and professionals to discuss legislation, business, education, and research surrounding the medical cannabis industry. Executives and business owners in the industry will attend the event, along with international and local healthcare professionals, students, and members of the general public interested in learning more about marijuana and its medical applications. Participants can expect to gain a diverse and inspiring perspective on the medical cannabis field through discussions, presentations and peer-to-peer sessions. This is a multi-track event that allows attendees to choose sessions that best align with their interests and specializations. Marijuana Conventions
Native American Cannabis & Hemp ConferenceJuneTemecula, CaliforniaThe cannabis market is a relatively young industry, at least in its legal form. With increased legalization across the country, people are trying to figure out how to effectively integrate this new industry with existing financial, legal and medical models. The Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference focuses on how to effectively incorporate the cannabis market into Native American communities. This event is open to all tribal leaders and council members wanting a stake in the future of the industry and the policies that guide it.Marijuana Conventions
Eastern U.S. Hemp Growers Conference & ExpoJuneAlbany, NY$595The hemp market is a burgeoning industry, and business sectors are on overdrive, trying to find ways to capitalize on it. The annual Eastern U.S. Hemp Growers Conference & Expo aims to celebrate and educate people about the applications of hemp. They will talk about industry-friendly regulations in New York and the future of the industry in the “Hempire State.” Marijuana Conventions
The Cannabis Expo NovemberJohannesburg, South AfricaN/AIf you are looking to learn about the cannabis industry and how it can be applied to the agricultural, financial, medicinal, and lifestyle industries, this expo is right up your alley. Participants can learn about the laws governing cannabis for recreational and medicinal use, growers’ permits, and the many applications and benefits of cannabis. Marijuana Conventions
Chicago Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Summit & Expo SeptemberRosemont, Illinois$55-$550This B2B conference is the largest of its kind in the Midwest. It will help attendees from Illinois and surrounding states better understand the profitable and expanding cannabis market. You can attend dozens of seminars led by industry experts. They will focus on licensing production, banking, hiring, and more. You can also visit the expansive expo space to see the latest in cannabis production technology. Marijuana Conventions
Cannabis Business Summit and ExpoJulySan Jose, California$695 for non-membersThis event allows attendees to meet leaders in the cannabis industry and learn about different business opportunities and strategies. In addition to learning and networking, participants can see the latest in cannabis products and production technologies.Marijuana Conventions
U.S. Cannabis Conference and ExpoAugustFlorida$199 - regular full conference; $250 - advanced training sessionThe U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo is one of the biggest of its kind in the Southeast United States. This business-to-business event brings together experts from the country’s cannabis industry network to share the latest industry information. Entrepreneurs, company representatives, local leaders, job seekers, and the general public with an interest in cannabis are all invited to participate in this learning and networking opportunity. Attendees can also see the latest and greatest cannabis products and technologies here. Marijuana Conventions
North Grow Cannabis ExpoSeptemberDenmarkVariesThe North Grow Cannabis Expo will take place in Copenhagen, a location accessible to much of Europe via the Billund Airport. This expo connects leaders in cannabis-related industries with the Scandinavian market and audience. The expo offers innovative speakers and exhibitors, engaging activities, and opinion-shifting debatesMarijuana Conventions
Cannabis Science ConferenceVariesVariesfrom $79 to $499The Cannabis Science Conference is the most technical and largest cannabis science expo in the world. It unites industry experts, lab scientists and technicians, instrument manufacturers, medical practitioners, research scientists, policy makers, and interested individuals from all over the world. The conference offers keynote speeches from respected leaders in the industry, exhibits, and round table discussions. The first East Coast edition of the Cannabis Science Conference drew over 2,000 attendees and 115 vendors. Marijuana Conventions
High Times Cannabis Cup VariesMichiganVariesThis mega-event with roving locations is billed as the world’s largest marijuana trade show. Participants can hear engaging speakers and join with other marijuana enthusiasts to see some of the most exciting and innovative cannabis products and technologies available.Marijuana Conventions
Indo ExpoJanuaryDenver, CO$39The Indo Expo Trade Show establishes business to business (B2B) relationships and offers a professional program for wholesalers, producers, processors, and retailers. The Indo Expo supports the development of the cannabis industry by bringing together professionals from all over the world in support of its advancement. This full-spectrum Cannabis B2B event presents hundreds of companies, product lines and brands, edibles, lifestyle products, and greenhouses tools. It also features services such as legal, IT, labeling, packaging, security, employment, brokers, mentors, and more. For those who are eligible as cannabis industry experts, the 2-day comp admission pass is open before the registration deadline or you can buy 2-day tickets on their website.Marijuana Conventions
Grow Up ConferenceSeptemberToronto, CA$3,000The goal of Grow Up is to inform, educate, and advocate growth and progress for the marijuana growing business in Canada and the U.S.A. This is an exclusive ticketed event, targeted at professionals looking to widen their knowledge and network in Canada’s fastest growing market. The 2-day industry conference provides access to inspiring keynote speakers. There are panel discussions, workshop sessions, an exhibit networking café, exhibition area with cutting-edge displays, and more. Interested parties can learn how to grow cannabis indoors lawfully, safely and responsibly. All booths are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.Marijuana Conventions
Montreal Cannabis ExpoOctoberMontreal, QC$40The Montreal Cannabis Expo is for like-minded business professionals working in all facets of the marijuana industry, such as growers, licensed producers, suppliers, healthcare providers, marketers, investors, and more. The conference will be presenting world-class guest speakers as well as the best products and services that companies have to offer. Also attending the event are exhibitors who work with medicinal marijuana. The main stage will host presentations and demos relating to new innovations in the market, strategies for getting into the cannabis industry, investing in marijuana-focused businesses, growing cannabis, edibles, recreational marijuana, legalization policies in Quebec and the rest of Canada, and more. Marijuana Conventions
RAD ExpoOctoberPortland, OregonFreeThe RAD Expo brings together exhibits related to cannabis retail. These include POS sales products, CBD products, programming consultants, POP displays, shelving, packaging, display cases, legal, accounting, medical products, accessories, drinks, food, and more. Trade and dispensary owners, staff, and consumers from across the country can browse the exhibits and attend informative and inspirational seminars. The exhibits will also include hemp and CBD companies.Marijuana Conventions
WeedCon WestJuneWest Los Angeles, CA$250WeedCon West is a by-invitation event. The conference will host brands, distributors, farms and dispensary consumers at an extravagant multi-acre estate in Los Angeles. Exhibitors will showcase their products and services, and there will be opportunities to learn from and network with some of the major players in the cannabis business. The event will include specialty areas such as A Taste of Cannabis, Infusion Bar, Farmers Market, Health and Wellness Area, Networking Bar, VIP Lounge, and more. There will be an after party with music, dancing, and food and a buyers’ tasting luncheon. The show will also feature the 2019 WeedCon Cup Awards. Conference workshops and discussion topics will include current laws, upcoming research, start-ups, new laws and regulations, and more.Marijuana Conventions
Benzinga Cannabis Capital ConferenceOctoberChicago$97Benzinga is the premier North American event for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors. Attendees can come face-to-face with major cannabis companies to hear about their innovations in the fast-changing industry. There will be many networking opportunities, including 1:1 meetings with movers and shakers in the cannabis business world. Marijuana Conventions
CannaGrowAugustPalm Springs, CA$69The CannaGrow Expo features an entire weekend dedicated to the art of growing marijuana plants. It is open to everyone above the age of 18 and is primarily for growers, enthusiasts, managers and extractors. Attendees can discover the latest and greatest cannabis cultivation technology, tools, and methods. This expo will showcase a collection of more than 35 cultivation-centered educational talks offered by first-class growers. Over the two action-packed days, participants can network with successful cultivators from around the world and browse an exhibition hall with more than 125 booths featuring marijuana-related products and services. Marijuana Conventions
Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition AugustSt. Petersburg, FL$25The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition (FMCCE) is known as one of the major medical marijuana conferences in the United States. It brings together medical specialists and entrepreneurs looking to launch a new medical marijuana-centered business or enhance an existing business of this type. The goal of this event is to offer valuable contacts and creative networking opportunities for people who are interested in being a part of this ever-growing sector. The conference will offer discussions on the science of practical cannabinoid clinical methods, help people understand how to thrive in the medical marijuana business, and teach people how to work within the regulations related to the industry. Marijuana Conventions
KushStock FestivalAugust & November CaliforniaFreeThe Kushstock Festival is one of the biggest events for cannabis this year, offering a free general admission concert and festival. The event is jam-packed with exciting and enjoyable activities, including live music, glassblowing, and art. Attendees ages 18-20 will be required to show a valid photo ID and valid medical recommendation upon entering the festival. Those ages 21+ are required to show a valid photo ID only. The event allows everyone to bring their own meds and smoking devices for personal use.Marijuana Conventions
Ohio Marijuana Expo: CincinnatiJuneCincinnati, OH$15The Ohio Marijuana Expo Series aims to educate people about marijuana. The expo helps new and budding cannabis businesses in the state and spreads the word about this all-natural healthcare industry. Attendees learn about marijuana in the context of a holistic healthcare approach.Marijuana Conventions
Cannabis Drinks ExpoJulySan Francisco, USA$99The Cannabis Drinks Expo is a groundbreaking event bringing together leaders in the cannabis drinks industry to meet and examine various approaches for incorporating newly legalized marijuana into the industry. This event is designed for those involved in developing, manufacturing, supplying and selling all alcoholic drinks, marijuana and marijuana-related products. Marijuana Conventions
Cannabis 411: The Business of Legal Cannabis (Los Angeles)JulySanta Monica, CA$150This workshop opens up the opportunity to meet and build relationships with leading business professionals in the cannabis industry. The Cannabis 411 team focuses on keeping pace with the fast-growing, controlled cannabis market and helping clients understand the delicate balance of economic potential and unpredictable law that come with the cannabis industry. The team will help people work within current law, advocate for legislative changes, keep pace with new trends in the industry, and plan for future success. This event is a must-attend event if you are planning on starting a cannabis-related business.Marijuana Conventions
World Cannabis CongressJuneCanadaVariesThe World Cannabis Congress is a private, invite-only event for global cannabis leaders, trendsetters and influencers. The guest list is carefully curated so discussions here have a lasting impact worldwide. Building on the backs of successful congresses of the past, worldwide cannabis leaders, C-suite business executives, change representatives, scientists, researchers and policymakers will again educate and inspire attendees. You won’t want to miss out on the two days of enlightening speakers, major announcements, ground-breaking panels, social events and more.Marijuana Conventions
Elevated: Marketing Cannabis in the Age of RegulationJuneToronto, Canada$35This conference features industry experts as they reveal how they creatively build brands and market marijuana products—even in highly-regulated environments. Attendees can socialize, network, and learn about the challenges currently facing participants in the cannabis industry. Attendees can discover artful and innovative solutions for meeting business goals. Space is limited so purchase tickets well in advance. The event is open to individuals 19+ only.Marijuana Conventions
Cannabis Canada Investment ConferenceJanuaryToronto, Canadavaries according to number of delegatesThe Cannabis Canada Investment Conference is designed for busy executives and professionals looking to enter the cannabis market—or those who are already participating. Attendees will get updates on the rapidly changing issues affecting the production, processing, and sale of cannabis. They will also get details on new trends and developments that will provide critical background information for making informed decisions. Marijuana Conventions
Second Annual MJBizCon InternationalVariesToronto, CanadaCAD599 - early bird; CAD 699 - registration by the deadline; CAD899 - walk-upThis event brings more than 2,500 international stakeholders to the center of the global marketplace for cannabis. Participants can gain actionable business intelligence, enjoy regional networking opportunities, and connect with licensed medical cannabis producers. They can also browse over 150 exhibitors on a focused show floor during the three-day event. The conference is made possible by the editors of Marijuana Business Daily. The event aims to empower executives, entrepreneurs, and investors for success in the fast-growing global cannabis industry.Marijuana Conventions
Ohio Marijuana Expo: Columbus SeptemberColumbus, Ohio$14 - early bird; $20 - general admissionThe Ohio Marijuana Expo is a business-to-business event that brings together local, regional, and national marijuana experts from the cannabis industry for networking and information sharing. The expo is an ideal venue for entrepreneurs, companies, local leaders, job seekers, and individuals who are curious about the rapidly expanding cannabis industry as well as the nation’s growing acceptance of cannabis. Marijuana Conventions
Cannabis Tech Conference OctoberVaries$199 (50% off for early birds)What sets this cannabis conference apart from others is its focus on the meeting of tech, science, media, and investment. This event offers an atmosphere of global collaboration in order to collectively chart the future of cannabis. Attendees will get guidance for curating brands and understanding and incorporating new innovations in the cannabis industry. Marijuana Conventions
Home Health Care & Diet Product ExpoJulyTokyo, Japan¥ 2,000 The focus of the H&D expo is to introduce health and fitness into daily living. There will be a focus on exercise, stress relief, diet, health maintenance, home health care and beauty. Attendees can learn about how to improve their quality of life through healthy living and visit booths in the spacious exhibition hall to see the latest innovations in health-related products and services. Health Product
Natural Products Expo EastSeptemberBaltimore, MD $35Connect, learn, discover and have fun at this exclusive trade show open to businesses only. Between the after-show celebrations, exhibitor events, networking festivities and dinners, you’ll have plenty to choose from to make this a most worthwhile event. Off the exhibit floor, discover the Harvest Festival Tabletop Event, which will feature a wide selection of organic and natural goods. This event combines the charm of an old-style farmers' market with the sophistication of a high-powered professional event. Health Product
Healthy Food Expo WestAugustLos Angeles, CA$30Consumers demand healthier options, and operators must rise to the occasion in order to survive and thrive. They must provide healthy menu items, nutritional information, and healthy preparation techniques—all while making food appealing and tasty. The Healthy Food Expo celebrates nutritious and delicious foods. Participants will be treated to educational talks; innovative exhibits showcasing the latest in healthy foods, beverages, services, and equipment; and special events such as culinary demonstrations. Health Product
Healthplex Expo Natural & Nutraceutical Products — China JuneShanghai, China$30This popular conference is made possible by HNC, which has been providing goods for the Chinese health market for nine years. The Healthplex Expo has become the most dedicated business-chain event for health food, nutraceutical and nutritional supplements. Participants can network, learn, and get access to some of the most innovative products and services in the industry.Health Product
Oman Health - Exhibition & ConferenceSeptemberOmanN/AThis Oman-based event focuses on the present and future of the Sultanate's healthcare division. It brings together industry professionals and investors to discuss solutions to challenges facing Oman’s healthcare system. Participants can network with government officials, colleagues, and legal authorities and discover the latest information, strategies, technologies, and management systems to draw upon for improving the quality of health services in the country of Oman.Health Product
Food and Nutrition Conference and ExpoOctoberPhiladelphia, PA$105The Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo will provide dynamic educational opportunities that are not available elsewhere. Guests will have the chance to learn about new trends in healthy eating. In addition, they can browse over 380 exhibits demonstrating the latest food and nutrition innovations and services. Topics discussed will include behavioral health, best practices for a healthy gut, nutrition through the life cycle, and more. Guests can explore the most controversial matters in the industry through the new Controversies in Practice track. They can also get up close access to food service thought leaders in the Conversation Series.Health Product
International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare ConferenceSeptemberOakland, CA$100This symposium focuses on whole food, plant-based diets through a review of the latest scientific research on the topic. Participants will include physicians from various specialty areas and other healthcare specialists. The conference maintains a high standard of intellectual honesty with objective perspectives. There will be numerous medical education opportunities geared toward leaders in dietary medicine and disease prevention and reversal.Health Product
Natural Products Expo West and Supply ExpoMarchAnaheim, Californiavaries according to company function and qualificationWith four full days of exhibits and education, participants in the Natural Products Expo West, will have a full docket of opportunities for learning about organic foods, regenerative agriculture, and industry trends. Health Product
Living Product Expo OctoberNashville, TN$20The Living Product Expo is a game-changing event for leaders in the healthy products movement. They can work together to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, share research and case studies, and more. Over 700 industry leaders will come together to focus on developing and delivering healthful products and services. Health Product
Health, Wellness & Business Expo NYCJuneNew York, NYN/AThis expo is geared toward the natural health and wellness industry and the consumers who support it. It brings together leaders in the health and wellness product market, healthcare providers (including conventional, wellness-oriented doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc.), mental health professionals, natural chefs, massage therapists, nutritionists, fitness experts, and thousands of health-conscious consumers. They can learn about health, wellness, organics, sustainability, spirituality, and financial wellness and browse products that support healthy and balanced lifestyles. Health Product
The Good Living KC ExpoJanuaryOverland Park, KansasN/AThis event happens in January as people are turning their focus to New Year’s resolutions centered on healthy living. It will showcase more than 200 vendors and promoters supporting the value of “living the good life” through staying active, fit and healthy. This event is for men, women, and families who want to enhance their daily routines through exercise, nutrition, diet, natural beauty, weight loss, optimal mental health, and more. The exhibition hall will be filled with cutting edge products and services to support these goals.Health Product
Natural Living ExpoNovemberMarlborough, MA$15Discover the world of holistic health and wellness in one weekend! This annual, don’t-miss event in New England guarantees a singular experience for understanding body-mind-spirit wellness and discovering the newest holistic, green, and fair trade products. Health Product
World Congress and Expo on Food Science, Nutrition and HealthSeptemberBarcelona, Spain€ 96This conference lifts the curtain on advanced research in all areas of food sciences. It will address the core subjects of food safety regulations, diabetes nutrition, parenteral nutrition, food and economy, food and nutritional supplements, and more. There will also be an in-depth focus on nutrition-related topics, including suggested nutrient allowances, nutrition and its role in preventing heart disease, obesity, effective weight loss and more. Health Product
SOHO EXPODecemberKissimmee, FL$50SOHO EXPO is a Natural Products Industry Trade Show and Convention established by SENPA, a non-profit trade association. Exhibitors will showcase organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free products, and more. The event will give retailers exposure to those in the natural products industry who are ready and willing to support their products (63% of guests are owners, managers, and buyers).Health Product
Canada Beauty Health Wellness Expo OctoberToronto, CA$10This event brings together the top beauty, health and wellness experts and brands. As an attendee, you can learn about and get hands-on experience with brands and services to improve aspects of your life that matter most. Health Product
Safety and Health ExpoJuneLondon, UKN/AThis expo assembles more than 13,800 guests and 300 exhibitors for a showcase of cutting edge innovations in the health and safety market. With the latest behavioral safety programs, workwear, PPE, e-learning, safety harnesses, occupational health products, training solutions and more, attendees can find the best health and safety solutions for their industry. This event shares a venue with FIREX International, IFSEC International, and the Facilities Show. These partners showcase developments in fire protection, security and facilities management, and more. Health Product
World Congress on Nutrition and Food SciencesJuneBrisbane, Australia$99ConferenceSeries LLC, Ltd. is happy to offer this event Down Under. It will focus on nutrition, food science and fundamentals of a healthy life. It brings together clinical nutritionists, dietitians, leaders in wellness e-commerce, academics, researchers and more.Health Product
Hi & Fi Asia-ChinaJuneShanghai, ChinaN/AThis conference brings together a number of entities (ProPak China & FoodPack, HNC and Starch Expo). It is a major showcase for innovative health products, including nutraceuticals and natural food ingredients, and packaging and processing solutions – all under one roof. China continues to be a very competitive market for the health food industry. This conference will focus on providing quality ingredients and profitable strategies. Attendees can meet food and health ingredient providers as well as packaging and processing suppliers and find the most advanced solutions across the whole food, health and beverage market.Health Product
Fort Collins Fitness FestivalDowntown Fort Collins, Colorado$180Fort Collins Fitness Festival brings the community together to celebrate health, fitness, and wellness—regardless of the fitness level or experience of the participant. The event will kick off with a race and then offer a wide variety of activities to fit different health interests and fitness aptitudes. There will be a series of different exercise stations with knowledgeable and inspirational trainers. Fitness and Health
NBC 4 & Telemundo 47 Health & Fitness Expo New YorkJuneNew YorkN/AFor the seventh year, popular New York television networks are partnering with the New York Giants. Over 40,000 NYC metro area clients are expected to participate in this groundbreaking event at MetLife Stadium. There will be educational showcases, free fitness tests, and exhibits featuring innovative health products and services. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and greet Giants players and take part in a series of games and activities on the Giants’ playing field. Fitness and Health
Well to Do SummitJuneNew Fetter Lane, London£115Well to Do Summit is here, giving you an opportunity to jumpstart your business and learn effective ways to expand, modernize and prosper in the global wellness market. This event is an opportunity to meet great minds in the industry and delve into the business of health and wellness. Sit in on energetic panel conversations and get motivated by new philosophies, actionable business strategies, and insider insights into the future of the health and wellness e-commerce scene.Fitness and Health
The Wellness ShowJuneSydney, AustraliaFreeThe Wellness Show is arguably Australia’s most well-respected health and wellness event. Meet the people who are shaping the future of the art of wellness, learn about innovative health solutions, and get up close and personal with the latest technologies and products in the field. Fitness and Health
London TriathlonJulyLondon£86.99This rigorous and inspiring event kicks off at the Excel Centre, Victoria Docks, with participants swimming, biking, and running past the area’s iconic attractions. With roughly 13,000 attendees and 30,000 spectators each year, this is a must-do for fitness buffs and must-see for spectators. Participants should be 17 years old or over, as of December 31 of the race year.Fitness and Health
The Wellness & Fitness FestivalAprilShoreditch, London£24.50You can now participate in the UK’s biggest celebration of the wellness movement. Attendees will come together to participate in classes and fitness experiences, get inspired to achieve greater fitness, and learn actionable strategies for living more healthfully. Work out with top fitness experts, sample delicious and healthy foods, learn from wellness gurus, and zen out with mindful yogis. Fitness and Health
The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Health & Fitness ExpoMarchKnoxville, TN$65This marathon and fitness expo provide high-octane yet fun events to challenge, engage, and motivate attendees. Exhibitors will offer the latest and greatest in sports apparel, running equipment, shoes, nutritional products, and more.Fitness and Health
Idaho Health & Fitness FairOctoberBoise, USAFreeThis event is for health-minded people looking for products and instruction to help them reach their fitness goals and embrace a higher wellness standard in their daily lives. The event provides activities that make fitness fun while instructing participants about healthy options for the mind, soul, and body. Exhibitors will be on hand to showcase the latest nutrition and exercise products.Fitness and Health
Well Summit OctoberVariesvaries according to admission typeWell Summit provides weekend-long events across the country for immersion into wellness practices. These unforgettable conferences are designed for people wanting to take control of their lives and live as healthfully as possible. There will be keynote addresses delivered by inspiring health gurus, interactive and engaging breakout sessions, and a look at innovations in the industry. Participants attest to the sense of community and renewed passion for health and wellness sparked by these events. Fitness and Health
Sibec Sports & Health Industry ConferenceSeptemberVariesVariesSIBEC takes place in a high-end venue away from the pressures of work. It is focused and productive, offering networking in both relaxed and formal environments in order to maximize every moment spent at the event. SIBEC provides a prime platform for fostering relationships between suppliers, fitness experts, fitness club managers, and other industry partners. With one-on-one meetings and networking activities, attendees will discover the perfect forum for promoting business relationships.Fitness and Health
Sports, Fitness and Nutrition Expo SeptemberGlasgow, United Kingdom£17.50This high energy and action-packed expo features inspirational speakers, live events, demonstrations, workshops and over 60 businesses selling apparel, workout equipment, healthy food, and other innovative products to help you maintain ultimate health and fitness. Scotland’s strongest men and women will face off in nail-biting strength competitions. Elite tickets are available with fast access, early entry, priority booking and access to the new Elite Lounge.Fitness and Health
Kona Marathon Health and Fitness FairJuneKona, HawaiiFreeThe annual Kona Marathon is held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village with activities and events for race participants, spectators and other individuals looking to take their health up a notch. The fair welcomes roughly 4,000 attendees, with over 30 vendors selling innovative health and fitness products. Fitness and Health
Health and Fitness ExpoOctoberDetroit, MichiganVariesThis expo will be held in conjunction with the Detroit Marathon. There will be a wide variety of activities, live events, and exhibits displaying 2019 marathon merchandise and the latest and greatest apparel, footwear, technology, and nutrition for fitness buffs. The Detroit Marathon is open to everyone, with various divisions for different age groups. Fitness and Health
Buy Local Health and Fitness FestivalSeptemberSanta Monica, CaliforniaFreeThis free event is co-produced with the City of Santa Monica. It features pop up shops, music, and interactive classes. Businesses in the area will provide advice, expertise, free product samples, and health screenings in order to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for the entire Santa Monica community. The event will help support local commerce, public service, and schools.Fitness and Health
BOLD Conference VariesVaries$699 - summer special; $799 - general admissionBOLD is a conference devoted to helping businesses and individuals in the health and wellness industry. Attendees can learn about the latest trends while getting actionable tips for maximizing their business success. BOLD is the right place for thriving businesses looking for additional inspiration and new businesses looking to grow and expand. Whether you are a staff member or a business owner, you will leave the BOLD Conference with greater motivation and ability to change lives for the better.Fitness and Health
Philadelphia Mania Fitness Pro ConventionVariesVaries$199 - with discount code Mania is more than just a fitness event; it is where fitness buffs and professionals go to get educated, recharged and inspired. It is brought to you by SCW, a global leader in fitness education. The convention will provide continuing education courses from engaging leaders in the fitness industry.Fitness and Health
“One World” Cape Cod Fitness Certification and Education ConferenceVariesVaries$129 - early bird; $150 - regularThis event is brought to you by AAAI (American Aerobic Association International) and ISMA (International Sports Medicine Association), the largest and most recognized fitness certification associations in the world. These organizations have over 180,000 members worldwide and a world-class commitment to quality. Each of the associations’ certification program teachers has a Master’s Degree, Ph. D. or M.D. There will be both a theoretical and practical component of each certification.Fitness and Health
One City Marathon Health & Wellness ExpoMarchNewport News, VirginiaFreeThe One City Marathon Health and Wellness Expo brings together a wide variety of fitness, health, and apparel vendors catering to the needs of marathon participants with bib belts, socks, gels, and more. The expo is free and open to the public. All runners should pick up their race packets and bibs from the expo. Other vendors will offer healthy eating presentations, health insurance options, and free massages. There will also be games, live entertainment, and much more.Fitness and Health
St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Nashville Health and Fitness ExpoAprilNashville, TennesseeFreeRock ‘N’ Roll Nashville holds a two-day Health and Fitness Expo prior to the annual St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Nashville Marathon and Half Marathon. These events bring more than 30,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair-bound participants together to negotiate the streets of Music City. Attendees can expect to see 28 stages with live bands. Race participants are required to visit the expo to pick up their race packets. The expo is open to the public with free admission. It features the latest in running technologies, health and nutrition information, and fitness apparel.Fitness and Health
Los Angeles Marathon Fitness ExpoMarchLos Angeles, California$180 - individual The Los Angeles Marathon has been hosting runners since 1986 and was inspired by the successful Summer Olympic Games held in the city just two years before. It is one of the most popular marathons in the country with more than 25,000 runners. A health and fitness expo will be held before the race, showcasing more than 120 exhibitors with the latest in running shoes, apparel, gear, and nutrition. All participants should pick up their race packets at the expo. Fitness and Health
Little Rock Marathon Health & Fitness ExpoVariesLittle Rock, ArkansasThis expo takes place in conjunction with the Little Rock Marathon, which brings in roughly 14,000 runners each year. It features more than 70 exhibitors showcasing a wide array of services and products for runners, walkers, and other health-minded consumers. The expo is housed in the Statehouse Convention Center of Little Rock. Race participants can pick up their packets here. Fitness and Health
Safety, Health and Wellness Day EventJuneMaryland, National Institutes of HealthFreeThis Bethesda, Maryland event held at the NIH Clinical Center-South Complex features free activities that promote the importance of greater health and wellness in America. All activities are free and open to the public. Offerings include health screenings, fitness assessments, fitness classes, nutrition demonstrations and tastings, and more. There will be food trucks and a farmers market outdoors. Fitness and Health
International Conference on Physical Education, Sports Medicine and Doping StudiesVariesVariesVariesDescription: This conference features experts speaking about new advances in prevention and treatment in the field of sports injury, prevention, and recovery. The conference focuses on gaining greater understanding of all aspects of human movement and strategies for helping people achieve and maintain an active lifestyle. There will be engaging discussions about ethics in the field and the implications of doping. Fitness and Health



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